The painter of the history of BARÇA
,of its Peñas and the History of Catalonia.

Summons the:


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All the painters who wish it, will be able to participate in this First Surrealist Painting International Contest, in which I can see the feeling or love for our beloved F.C. Barcelona, the "BARÇA" and, as it could not be missed, that of its Peñas scattered all over the World. It also introduces the very original theme of Democratic History of Catalonia, where they can be introduced if it gives rise to issues related to Catalonia and Spain.

Actually you can carry out in this Contest, three subjects totally independent of each other, since each painter can choose the theme that he prefers. One will be "THE MODERN HISTORY OF BARÇA", the other "PEÑAS AZULGRANAS DEL MUNDO" and, finally, "THE DEMOCRATIC HISTORY OF CATALONIA -Spain-". The works will arrive to us at the latest at the end of October of the current year, since these competitions will be repeated year after year.

The Contest, as you will see below, is something original and unique in the World -until this moment-, since the paintings will not come to us physically, nor will the awarded ones remain our property, as is so usual in competitions. Participation will be through a high definition photo of the painting, which must be sent before the end of October of the current year to the email address that follows.


A very important point will be that, through photography, its subject matter and pictorial quality can be assessed accurately by the Qualifying Jury. If any paint that was not oil is used, it will have to be warned, to be or not to be accepted.

The fact of participating means that the painter has given us, in advance, all the rights that may be used for the disclosure and, if it were to occur, sale of the reproductions of the winning paintings, as the sole owners of the same. However, in the case of selling the original painting, the painter will receive 70% of the assigned value and 30% will be left to cover the organization's expenses.

The information on the results of all the winners, will be carried out in the month of November of each year and the prizes will be delivered during the month of December. Always before the end of the current year.

In the month of January, the winning paintings will already be incorporated in the official exhibition. Later, in FORMS, you will be informed of the way all these points will be handled.

Theme "Modern History of BARÇA":

The themes on the paintings "Modern History of the BARÇA", as of the other lines, will be totally free and will be carried out, under the criterion and point of view of the painter, although the style of all of them will always be surreal and will reflect, in every moment, events, events and events that took place at the Futbol Club Barcelona, during the season prior to the preparation of the painting. Therefore, each year will be painted some of the events that occurred during the recent past season, and that will already be part of the story in the month of October..

Topic "Peñas del Mundo":

The works with the theme "Peñas Azulgranas del Mundo" will reflect -in the best way possible- the country, city, town or some other Peña from where the painter is, mixing the values of his land with themes of history, art and culture , always from its place of origin, a fact that will make it spread and multiply, the love of our beloved BARÇA, confirmed through the infinity of Peñas Azulgranas scattered throughout the Planet Earth.

Theme "Democratic History of Catalonia":

In the paintings of this line, "Democratic History of Catalonia", events based on events occurred in Catalonia - good and / or bad - that, for whatever reason, may be intertwined with Spain and Europe will be shown. Then, political, social and cultural issues that happen during the year in our country will enter.


The photograph of the painting will be accompanied by the title of the painting and its corresponding theme, narrated in any of the following languages; Spanish, Catalan, French or English.

The sheets to send the photo and all the themes, will be sent through your email in Word pages, to the corresponding mail -according to your continent of origin- of the five that we have at your disposal. The sheets that we will show you are only for orientation and you will find them when you click on HOW TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CONTEST, a concept located on the left side of the screen, and below the CONDITIONS OF THE CONTEST. A sheet will be used to put the photo of the painting and the title of it. The other sheets that will follow will be incorporated the painter's data and the price of it. On the next page the "title of the work" will be repeated, to avoid confusion. The "theme of it" may be as extensive as the painter wishes. And in the third or fourth sheet will be attached a second subject under the title of: "Remembering those days", in whose place will be narrated the events that occurred during the chosen period and for which the painting has been carried to happy port. If you look at the book A Painter of Stories of this web page, you will be able to see in detail the referred points.

The size of the original painting will be of a 25 LANDSCAPE, with measures of 81 centimeters in width, by 60 centimeters in height. In high definition photography, the painting must be well squared, in order not to distort the elements that compose it. Also at the time of taking the photo will avoid all kinds of irrelevant shines in it.

Legal Issues:

Themes in which lawsuits could fall for politico-social issues and copyright, by reserved logic, will always be avoided, since both the paintings and their themes will be disclosed and may be seen by the whole world.

As you can see, the Barça shield does not appear anywhere; This has been necessary to enjoy our freedom of expression, since, if we had to give an account of the works and themes, in many cases they would not like the narrations of the facts expressed, seen and considered by the magical eye of the painter, who always gives his opinion and point of view, although without damaging, yes, the institutions or people of them. On the subject of the shields, they can always be painted if they are incorporated and justified in the painting, since being a work of art, no entity can claim for this concept.

Being an Online Exhibition, the original winning paintings can be sold through our pages. For this reason to send the photo of the work must put the price of it, which will be discounted 30% for the costs that this may cause us. If you do not want to sell the work, instead of the price put SOLD, this will exclude it from possible requests on the purchase of the same, but not from its exhibition, nor if it would result, sale of the reproductions by our part, as the only owners of the same.


One will be the Trophy that will receive the winner of each of the three themes, unless there is a work that, for whatever reason, tied for points with the "First Prize" of each of the three lines in competition. If this were the case, there would be two prizes that would be awarded, since the photo of the work would be exposed for life and incorporated in the Official Exhibition of the Painter of the History of BARÇA, "d'escalé" -name of the painter in the field artistic-, and possessor of all the rights, on the awarded paintings.

I am now an old person (I am 81 years old) and, from the moment that the works of the artists arrive, I will leave the historical painting; and he would only paint if there were any desert prizes for not having arrived any work, that deserved to be recognized and considered, something very difficult to happen.

As you can see, I do not want to stop the work I started in some subjects more than 40 years ago and that for work reasons I had to postpone until my retirement. My works are those that can be seen, at present, in the Exposition of the Modern History of Barça, its Rocks in the World and the Democratic History of Catalonia, as well as all of them in the book that grows every year: " d'escalé "A Painter of Stories.

I hope that very soon you will be those who will be adding your works to those already existing to enhance my work that, ultimately, will soon be yours as well. I also hope, before leaving this world, to get a RECORD GUINNES participation in a Painting Contest. If we achieve it, the success will be equally from all of you and I promise that we will celebrate it.

On the next page and the one following it, you can see the "Trophy" and the book of; "A Painter of Stories" which will be awarded to the winners with his winning painting already incorporated in the book, as a souvenir for the artist. These will arrive to all the winners, to the address that the participants have given us, without any charge and postage paid, be it the country that is of the world.

TROPHY: 1st. International Surrealist Painting Competition "AMIGOS del BARÇA, PEÑAS del Mundo y CATALUÑA”


You will find stored in the book, part of your story.