The painter of the history of BARÇA
,of its Peñas and the History of Catalonia.

Josep Escale, Artista Pintor y Escritor

Hello friends; I present myself to you to show you the last stage of my life, the surrealist painting, with which I carry out the Democratic History of Catalonia and Spain, as well as the Modern History of Barça, along with another line; Peñas Azulgranas of the World. All these pictorial lines will find them accompanied by their respective themes in the book "d'escalé" A Painter of Stories.

My life, which I advise you to see, although perhaps in stages because it is a bit long, I am a very versatile and self-taught person, full of the most varied activities, both those related to the industrial world and technological, as well as artistic, cultural and social, and I can not fail to mention the spiritual one, which for years I have been stuck with and I hope to continue in the future.

My life has been very special, winning in all fields of the most sublime and dreamed awards, and also of course, the most unwanted slaps. For this reason I am who I am, a tireless fighter who wants to reach each one of you as it is. In some cases, to convey my poetic feelings with the book "Poetic Works", in others, to transfer them into the heart of our beloved Barça, with the book "d'escalé, A Painter of Stories". They will also run into the book; "The Hidden Face of the Moon" in which, in some cases I narrate my theories and in others, paranormal themes experienced in the first person, arrived from the spiritual world -the dead one- with my way of thinking, seeing and feeling included in they. You will also find the Bases of the FIRST INTERNATIONAL SURREAL PAINTING COMPETITION (FRIENDS OF BARÇA).

I hope and wish you like how much you can read.